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Winter2008/2009 Inversion


Moon over Grand Valley












Weather Cloud-Cam of Grand Valley

Located about the middle of the farm on private property the Grand Valley Weather Cloud-Cam looks south to the Colorado National Monument while painting a broad picture of the valley and the beauty of the Colorado Sky. The interaction between the valley's sky, the monuments red cliffs and Colorado's weather create a poetry that envelops the valley's residents. Since 1998 The Grand Valley Weather Cloud-Cam has made this poetry reachable around the world. People who have grown up in the Grand Valley, but whose course in life has take them far away use the webcam to connect to their roots. Our troops all over the world (e.g. Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Europe) can find pleasure looking out their virtual window and feeling closer to home or loved ones. Even some who reside in our valley, that do not have an office with a window, value the virtual view. People from around the world who have considered visiting the Grand Valley have felt confident that their expectations are more valid. Travelers who check the DOT webcams across the I-70 route can then check the weather in Grand Junction via this webcam to aid the judgement for safe travel.


Like the Tomorrow Hill Farm Drinking Fountain, the Cloud-Cam has become a greatly appreciated community resource.



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