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Independence Monument


 4th of July Flag
& January 2009

The pride of the accomplishment is easily seen on this groups faces.

Often the Sentinel has the flag as the

color picture on the front page.


The Monument Canyon Trail to the Indpendence Monument is the classic hike in the Colorado National Monument.

For a little more senery, you can extend you walk to the Coke Ovens.

A tradition in the Grand Valley on the Fourth of July is to have local climbers place an American Flag on the top of Independence Monument.

In the past years the event has been postpone on some years when Peregrine Falcons use the spire for nest sites.


As one can see the adventure provides a stimulating experience.

The last step up is often the most difficult. John Otto did leave handholds for those who would follow, but even with handholds, ropes and expert guides,

one feels the sensation of being alone on the Independence Monument.

Take a look this year for the flag or better yet, find a guide and join in the fun. I will watch for Peregrine Falcons from solid ground with good pair of binoculars.

You might find this resident near the Visitor's Center or on Monument Trail.

The Collared Lizard is a colorful distraction from the heat of your hike.

From the looks of it, this little guy might have a tail tale to tell about a recent escape from a lunch date.

January 2009

Even on a cold January day, the US Forest Service works on the trail



Take a hike along the Serpents Trail, Wild Horse Hike



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