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Life flows into the Grand Valley through canals from the Colorado River. Appreciated by the Ute people for centuries, later the valley developed a reputation for tasteful fruit. Peaches lead the way to notoriety, and now the vineyards also bring many visitors to the valley that snuggles between Mount Garfield - The Book Cliffs and the Lands End of Grand Mesa.
Home to over 130,000 people, the economy has diversified since the shock of Black Sunday in 1982. Now valued for recreation, relocation and retirement, the valley watches with regret and excitement as the rural farming nature slowly moves to a twenty first century environment. The valley will need in the next years to embrace both the pastoral past and the high tech future and continue to be a very special place to live.We hope you enjoy your time in the valley. More information about Mesa County, Colorado.

Above The Grand Valley

The Cameo coal power plant


This view of The Grand Valley from 35,000 feet, shows how our delicate patch of green is surrounded by arid desert, and that like any valuable gift we must take great care to preserve this unique valley.



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