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The Grand Mesa

 Thunder Mountain

Sunrise over Grand Mesa as seen from Tomorrow Hill Farm.



Take the back road up Thunder Mountain, Grand Mesa, to Lands End. Don't expect to find a outlet store of this name here selling winter wear. From the observation point you will have great views of the Grand Valley and more. Besides the park ranger you will meet Steller's Jays, Western Scrub-Jays, and Clarks's Nutcracker. Chipmunks also will hope you have brought a snack for them, but don't. The trout fishing in the 100's of lakes is legendary. The back road is closed one Saturday in late summer for the hill climb race.

If you fly in or out of Walker field, then on most days you will not only have a great view of Thunder Mountain, but often fly directly above the lakes.

The Steller's Jay is not shy and will try to steal the chipmunk's and your snacks, but the Clark's Nutcracker will drop by only briefly.

When you visit in the winter make sure you bring your skis.


With the hope for summer drinking water and winter fun at Powder Horn Ski Resort, one enjoys a view of Grand Mesa that has much white.

A wet summer and mild fall brings the best out in the Aspens


The Book Cliffs are the norther border of the Grand Valley and one can see them move from Mount Garfield into Utah.  




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