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We know how hot temperatures, high altitude and low humidity can take the fun out of a good ride or run. A drinking fountain is now easily accessible for you along 24 Road. So, stop by for a refreshing drink of cool Ute Water from our safe frost-free drinking fountain (classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61, Section 9 - 1997b) installed by a responsible professional plumber. Water tested by the State of Colorado on September 11, 2001 and results were negative for Coliform bacteria. We very much appreciate the routine great work from the employees of Ute Water. Plantings and trees were purchased at Bookcliff Nursery; signs from Bud's Signs. Just look for the sign on the southwest corner of the intersection of 24 Road and I 1/2 Road (see Map below). We enjoyed biking in Hawaii and found that some homeowners installed drinking fountains along the roadside for thirsty athletes. We felt this was the time to pass on this Aloha tradition to Grand Junction. Hiking and Biking was a great adjunct to raising our children and wish to promote this healthy activity. We supported a bicycle racing team for years. We know that the strongest riders may not need this resource as much as others. The junior rider, the new rider, or the person who is getting back in shape may feel that this respite will encourage them to take a longer or more aggressive ride. So take some time to catch your breath. Rest on the park bench. Since we are an organic farm, insecticides and herbicides are not used in the THF Drinking Fountain mini-park. Have a Power Bar, Luna Bar wrapper or banana peel that you are tired of carrying? A trash can is available. We hope we can make your journey a little more enjoyable.

Please be our guest !

We offer this facility to express our gratitude to our community,

use at your own risk.

Please, use caution as you exit or enter 24 Road

the traffic coming from the north on 24 Road is hidden by the hill.

Information on the Grand Valley Living Experience represents our experience!

Your lifestyle choices may have different results.

Chose carefully, one is responsible for thier own actions - each have their own risks.

Enjoy your ride or run !

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Carrie & Kerry at the Grand Canyon

Carey Manning & Keri Manning

Hiked Grand Canyon Rim to Rim 1986

(age: 7 and almost 70)

Floyd Manning on bike

Lloyd Manning

River Front Trail

May 2001

(almost 80)



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